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Our Story

PayAmerica, LLC has over 14 years of experience providing cash-preferred customers a reliable and affordable way to pay their bills and purchase Prepaid Cellular Top-Ups.  These are hardworking Americans who deserve the same access to bill payment services as people with the advantage of more traditional banking services.

PayAmerica’s corporate office is located in New York with completely redundant scalable processing platforms located in Knoxville, TN and Spartanburg, SC.  The company offers internet based bill payment options with scanner assisted OCR technology utilizing the IBM iSeries operating system, Windows servers, and VMware ESXI.

Our Approach

Unlike any other bill payment providers, PayAmerica uses scanner technology to expedite the bill payment data entry process.  Utilizing this technology greatly increases the speed and accuracy with which a payment is entered, removes the liability from the agent by taking the responsibility for getting the payment information correct out of the hands of the clerk, and, allows the agent to “Add a New Biller” for any company that PayAmerica currently does not have in the database.  The “one-stop-shop” concept of bill payment is VERY attractive to consumers. PayAmerica currently operates in a network of walk-in payment centers providing bill pay, prepaid cellular top-up products nationwide using a proprietary PC based software system that is easily downloaded and installed in minutes.

PayAmerica enables consumers to pay any domestic bill, purchase prepaid cellular top-ups (MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, etc.), International top-ups (Telcel, etc.) and International bill payment (Telmex, Sky, etc.). Payment options for domestic bill payments include; electronic, check-by-mail and same day priority.  The majority of our payments are sent electronically and post in 2 business days.  For companies that do not accept electronic payments (smaller utilities, doctor offices, etc.), we print the image of the bill on the stub of a check and send it by mail.  For the customer in a bind, we offer same day priority service to most of the 16,000+ companies that currently receive our payments.  All prepaid cellular top-up payments are posted immediately.

PayAmerica also allows consumers to register with our system.  We capture biller and account data making it easier for a customer to pay their bills month after month.  We provide the ability to notify them by email or text if there is any issue with their payment and when it has been processed.

PayAmerica is also integrated, including cash drawer reconciliation, with the majority of check cashing and payday loan software companies including Answers, etc, VSI/CheckPro, DataAge, eCASH, and Ideal Software.  Our Information Technology team can integrate our system to any other to allow an agent to run our system inside their own or as a portal to companies that have their own bill payment POS system.

In summary, we set ourselves apart from the competition with:

  • The ability to accept and process ANY domestic bill payment.
  • Comprehensive Prepaid Cellular Top-up.
  • Scanner technology for increased speed and accuracy.
  • The best processing times and widest range of delivery options in the business.

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