Pay Any Bill, Top-Up Any Phone
Fast, Secure, Reliable

PayAmerica, LLC quite simply is in the business of offering hard working Americans a reliable and affordable way to pay their bills and purchase Prepaid Cellular Top-Ups.  Our company offers these services via the internet to thousands of agent locations all over the country.

Unlike any other bill payment provider, PayAmerica uses scanner technology to expedite the bill payment data entry process. By scanning a customer’s bill instead of entering their account data into the system, the clerk is able to complete the process in a fraction of the time.  Secondly, if an image is collected, PayAmerica ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEES the posting of the payment in the advertised amount of time thus taking the liability away from the agent for mis-entered information.  Finally, our agents can accept literally ANY PAYMENT.  Even if a “biller” (what we call a company to whom we send payments) is not in our database, the clerk can click “New Biller”, scan the bill and accept the payment.  The payment is held until the image can be reviewed, the biller permanently added to the system and the payment released (no more than a couple of hours).

We currently operate in a network of walk-in payment centers providing bill pay, prepaid cellular top-up products nationwide using a proprietary PC based software system that is easily downloaded and installed in minutes.  We offer a wide range of reports to manage payments entered as well as online tools to view, change and cancel payments before they are processed.  Payment delivery options include Electronic (2 business days), Expedited * (next business day) and Priority * (same business day).  For those billers that do not accept electronic payments, we will send a check with the image of the bill printed on the stub.  All Prepaid Cellular Top-Up payments are posted immediately.

* – not available for all billers.


Bill Payments of all kinds

We provide consumers the ability to electronically pay any bill to any qualified
domestic company.  Utility Payments, Car Payments, Credit Card Payment, Local Creditors, Medical Professionals, etc.  We can pay any company that generates a bill. For more information about using our services, please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-244-6100.


Domestic TopUps

We also provide consumers the ability to purchase time on their pay-as-you-go telephone services. This is not a phone card but a direct link to mobile phone services such as AT&T Go Phone, Verizon Wireless, Simple Mobile, T-Mobile-To-Go, PagePlus, Boost Mobile and more. For more information about this service please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-244-6100 to see if your service is included.

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